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Troubleshooting Dental Discomfort


All dentists use a combination of x-rays, various diagnostic tests, and the patient's own description of tooth pain or discomfort to diagnose problems and find a way to correct them. Sometimes, however, the dental problem presents in such a way that it is difficult to pigeon- hole it into a category or identify the cause using only traditional means. Patients with such longstanding problems often say to me, "My dentist thinks I'm crazy, but..." I'm proud to say that over three decades of diagnosing a wide variety of dental problems has made me something of an expert in the out-of-the-ordinary dental or facial pains that can be so problematic. While I would like to take all the credit myself, I must admit that the advent of such wonderful equipment as dental treatment microscopes, digital (computerized) x-rays, lasers, and other innovations, have greatly simplified the diagnosis of hard-to-find oral pain.




Hard-to Diagnose Dental Problems Can Include:


* Fractured tooth or tooth root


* Cracked tooth syndrome


* Early stages of tooth abscess


* Tooth sensitivity cause by gum recession


* Early periodontal disease


* Malocclusion (teeth no longer fit together properly)


There are certainly many other potential dental problems that can cause hard to diagnose pain, but the main thing to remember is DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! If you have been experiencing chronic dental pain, or even a minor discomfort that will not go away, call my office at 870-932-2644 and ask Michele to make an appointment for you.


The answer to your pain may be only a phone call away!

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