Dr. Abernathy maintains a membership in the Academy of General Dentistry, one of only a few professional organizations that require members to keep up with current advances in the dental profession by attending a specified number of continuing education courses every year.

What Our Patients Are Saying:


“I have never been in a dental office where they treated me with such care and kindness. The treatment was gentle and painless, and the entire staff treated me like family. I recommend Dr. Abernathy to all my friends.”

- Judith, Minneapolis, MN



“I had never had a root canal before, and was terrified when I went into the office. The ladies who checked me in assured me the doctor was very gentle and the treatment was painless. I didn’t believe them, but they were right!

- Michelle, Jonesboro, AR



“I actually fell asleep during the treatment.

No medicine and no gas, they just made me feel very relaxed.”

- Roy, Poplar Bluff, MO



“My dentist referred me to a nearby endodontist, but my daughter told me about Dr. Abernathy. She was so convincing that I drove 300 miles to see him. I was pleased beyond belief at the treatment I received from the doctor and his staff. If I ever need another root canal, I will gladly make the trip again.”

- Mildred, St. Louis, MO



“Over a ten year span, Dr. Abernathy has done 5 root canals for me. I will never go to anyone else.”

- Lou, Little Rock, AR



“Dr. Abernathy did my first root canal for me when I was 92 years old. If I need a dozen more, I’ll always go back to him.”

- Nicholas, St. Petersburg, FL



“I had two root canals done before. Both of them were painful, and I ended up losing both teeth. When my dentist told me I needed another root canal I cried, and told him just to pull the tooth. He talked me into seeing Dr. Abernathy just for a consultation. After meeting him, I could tell his office was different. They seemed like they really cared and were determined to do a good job. I went back for the root canal, and was surprised at how painless and gentle it was. If I ever need another one I will go back to them, and I won’t be afraid. I highly recommend Dr. Abernathy.”

- Laura, Jonesboro, AR

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