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LaWanda, Dr. Abernathy, and Michele



You may notice that my team is very small compared to what you have seen in many other offices. There is a good reason for that!


We endeavor to provide very personalized dental care for our patients. I have never liked the idea of running from patient to patient to patient all day long, giving only a few moments to each before I rush past and leave them in the hands of an assistant. Maybe that is because I am inherently lazy…or maybe it is because I have a different vision of the kind of dental care my patients deserve.


I prefer to sit down with my patients…have the time to talk to them…find out their hopes or concerns about their dental care. Then we go to work with the time to complete the treatment in a relaxed atmosphere where nothing is rushed.


Michele will always make the time needed to answer all your questions about scheduling, financing, insurance, and any other concerns you might have. Often I am certain her answers to your questions are better than mine!


LaWanda will take care of all your needs during your treatment. She is expert in assisting complicated procedures such as root canals, implants, and complex restorations, and will help your entire treatment progress quickly and comfortably.


Believe it or not, many patients describe the dental treatment they have received at our office as "pleasant" or "the most gentle I have ever experienced"! That is our goal for every patient, and we believe a very small staff providing very personalized care is the best way to achieve a memorably pleasant dental experience.

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