Dr. Abernathy maintains a membership in the Academy of General Dentistry, one of only a few professional organizations that require members to keep up with current advances in the dental profession by attending a specified number of continuing education courses every year.

Books to Entertain and Educate


Dr. Abernathy has authored several books in traditional, electronic, and self-published volumes. Two are dental in subject matter, the first being a continuing education textbook for dentists who wish to learn his gentle and cutting-edge root canal and surgical treatment techniques. The second dental book was written for patients… those who wish to learn more about the root canal procedure, or those who have been referred for root canal treatment, but are afraid of the prospect. This book, titled What is a Root Canal Anyway, and Why Does It Hurt So Much?, explains the root canal process in understandable terms, and describes the recent advances in treatment techniques that have made the treatment a simple affair that no longer needs to be feared. His fiction titles include A Question of Character, Nikita's War, and his most recent novel, Noah.


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FREE eBook: What is a Root Canal, Anyway?

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Root canal treatment traditionally has a bad reputation. Many patients are so fearful because of the horror stories they have heard that they will not even make an appointment for their needed treatment. This book is designed to calm your fears and to educate you about the simplicity and painlessness of modern root canal treatment. Written in simple terms and easy to understand, What is a Root Canal Anyway... will help you to approach root canal treatment with a calm and positive attitude.



How do I Deal with Dental Pain...

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Ever notice how most toothaches seem to start late on Friday afternoon, just as every dentist in town has locked his doors and left town for a weekend of golf or fishing? This book is designed to help you deal with and lessen your pain in those times when you cannot find a dentist. It is filled with the home remedies, do’s and don’ts of treating all stages of dental pain with your own temporary measures.


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A Question of Character


Dr. Abernathy’s third book, which he co-authored with his oldest son, John, is a departure from dentistry as he ventures into the genre of fiction. A Question of Character is a murder mystery, packed with political suspense and intrigue, that asks the troubling question, "What if the President of the United States was a murderer?" The novel was published in June, 2009, and has been well received everywhere as the father/son team has traveled to book signing events from coast to coast.


You will find A Question of Character available on and Barnes and,as well as many book stores across the nation. We hope you enjoy our story.




Nikita's War


NIKITA’S WAR is a sequel to A Question of Character. The book exposes a Cold War era plot to destroy the United States by infiltrating communist agents into the schools, industry, and government and gradually converting their enemy to socialism. The plot comes to fruition when one of the Soviet plants becomes President of the United States.

A group of patriots that includes a wheelchair bound conspiracy theorist, an aging D.C. Metro cop, a retired FBI agent, and a brain damaged Vietnam hero races against the clock to expose the president as a spy and traitor before he can cause irreparable damage to the American way of life.


The story is fiction, but the realism and inclusion of real current events into the storyline will leave the reader asking, “Is this true? Could this really be happening?”


Nikita’s War is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. For those who do not own a Kindle e-reader, Amazon has made available free apps to download Kindle books onto smart phones, tablets, and PCs.


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Noah is Dr. Abernathy’s first offering in a new genre, religious fiction. It is an epoch that relates personalities across five millennia, from the voyage of Noah and his family to our modern age of technological miracles. Businessman John Grey crashes his single engine aircraft into an Eastern European military compound, and is caught up in a journey that takes him to a monastery in the mountains of Ararat that was founded by Noah himself and continues to do God’s work to this very day. The businessman is continually astounded and humbled as he is allowed to tour the decks of the Ark of Noah, work within the ancient monastery, where he is introduced to unimaginable gifts from God, and is even allowed a peek through the veil into Heaven. In the end, Mr. Grey is offered a choice that would shake the spiritual foundations of even the most ardent of believers.


NOAH is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. For those who do not own a Kindle e-reader, Amazon has made available free apps to download Kindle books onto smart phones, tablets, and PCs.


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